Vision in design


The bright pink cover of this book attracted me, among its other peers of grays & white covers…so i went ahead and picked up hoping to find some interesting info-graphics, in the book. The initial couple of pages describe how the book is divided in terms of content &  what order should you follow. Actually, of late i have seen many books spend considerable amount of pages describing to the user how to read the book. This can mean a couple of things:

a) a readers lack of patience

b) non-linear style of writing

c) each topic is complete in itself & independent from the other!


Anyways, following the same contents, i did an initial scan to find anything interesting to read, when i hit the words” Explaining the concept of VIP while interviewing a student”, this was also classified under “interviews”, among other topics like case studies, projects etc.

So, i quickly flipped to the IV part. The IV was written as if in verbatim between a “Student” (S), a “Designer” (D) and a “Thinker”(T). It begins with a student who mentions his desire to design an outdoor space for people who want to work from home. He has a rough image of what he wants to design, probably a capsule made of glass, that can be placed in the back door garden.

D & T question S as to deconstruct his thought process. They tell him to question the motive behind his brief- the core reason to which he is addressing. S is confused, he is pretty sure that he is clear about what he wants to do. So D & T ask him to chose any old product that was used by people to work on ( inside).

The S chooses a davenport :  . & the start discussing the attributes of this furniture. The explore words like- pompous, orderly, used by someone of importance, used only to write letters, singular use, etc. Together they defined the characteristics of the product & the user.

Next they chose an existing product that gives people mobility to work from anywhere. So they chose a laptop



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