Greedy private healthcare industry eating “Atlas” ( public healthcare )

Healthcare in India has seen a lot of changes since the time of India’s independence in 1947. So much so that 55 years later, when we still see the giant service industry break, and falter, and bend down to the monster it on its own created. The big bad ugly monster that is now sucking the blood of the same people, it was meant to protect. The monster which runs disguised in the name of Private Healthcare Industry.

Over these last years, it has grown from fragmented dots to 80 % of total healthcare service providers, pushing public providers to mere 20 %. The illustration shown above maps the policy and the changes that were brought as a result. Like a crippled giant, the government tries to tackle healthcare issues focusing only on vertical expansion ( to be read: preventive care ), but did not implement systems that could remove the root cause of these diseases itself: water sanitation, hygiene, healthier lifestyles.

As a result we kept on falling prey to the seeds of evil and had no option but to destroy its spills. At a weak moment like this, is when the government decided to take support of the independent private ( profit making) organizations to help tackle Health! What it did not design was how to keep a check/ monitor the evil that had now started growing in its own backyard.

So, I think that the Public Healthcare system is like Atlas, punished to hold Gaia.. only in this case the celestial embody has been replaced by the burdon of private healthcare industries and their never ending greed for more money, which by and by may end up eating the public system itself if nothing is down about it.

Ironically, this part of research of my diploma reflects or is in tandem with Satyamev Jayate’s episode on healthcare: Have a look.


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