Five rupee meal

If you are travelling in a train in India, on route to Punjab from Delhi, or for that matter anywhere in India, most services especially of food and entertainment happen in the “General class” or the “class for local mass”.

One often comes across wide variety of local food, utility products like pocket-sized mirrors, key chains, locks, combs, wet towels, tissues, paper soaps and much more carried on a hook, by a man, who has amazing vocal abilities. This is a large market for cheap China made products, catering to the lower class & lower middle class of India, who want to use things in transition.

Travelling in local train is probably the best way to get snapshots/crash course of every city! after all in a transit stop of 5-10 minutes, the station displays array of food variety, steaming tea, local flavor, book stalls, people in traditional attire ( probably sleeping on the station itself)

On one such journey, i felt really grubby, and was looking forward for the next stop, so that i could get down and pick up a packet of packaged food ( considering hygiene), but nothing came and my hunger grew to sumptuously! At that moment came a man offering “spicy chat” only for Rs. 5! I had to try this one but wasn’t sure whether a five rupee meal could satiate my hunger. So, thinking that at-least whatever he would offer would at-least give my empty stomach some relief i order for one chat! The picture that you see above was the quantity & more than the quantity ( which frankly is meager) the offering surprised me! In 5 rupees not only was i getting my meal, but a plate and a plastic spoon along with a tissue & customization option! The meal actually turned out to be quiet fulfilling, contrary to its size & my amazement!

Truly to get so much in the value for money is an impossible task in any other country!



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