Traffic & Urban Transportation Development for Indore

As a part of Team ASHWAMEDHA 2011, a competition to judge nation building & leadership, a part of challenge was to observe the Traffic & Urban Transportation system of Indore, Madhya Pradesh India. My partner Ashwin Iyer from IIM- Indore & myself, after discussion with the Superintendent of Police on issues plaguing the city, made a presentation for the District Collector and other senior officials of the State Govt. Please have a look, as we realized that one cannot blindly follow the model of western city. One has to realize the ground problems being faced by India.

After all a road is just not a road here. it is the retain space of many hawkers, dustbins for many, marketing zones of political companies & even home for the poor. An ever changing landscape that has to cater to the increase in mobilization of people, as the city develops.

Our suggestion are based on understanding the attributes of the people. Have a look and please feel free to discuss.

Click below for viewing


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