Organizing TEDx Deccan

Click here to see a demo video 

I was a part of TEDx Deccan team and organized the TEDx Deccan on the 30th July 2011, at historical Taramati Baradari, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Attached below are the videos for the event in order of the talks-
Talk 1- Politician Jayprakash Narayan
topic- State of Indian politics
Talk 2- Social Entrepreneur Pradeep Kashyap
Topic- Organization with a heart
Talk 3- Rwandan Ambassador to India, Williams N
Topic- Rwanda’s journey from hell to renewal
Talk 4- Musician Jaywant Naidu
Topic- Re-inventing the Hawaiian Guitar
Talk 5- Oncologist Dr. Raghu Ram
Topic- Creating Breast Awareness in India
Talk 6- Quadriplegic Sujata Burla
Topic- Power of Belief
Talk 7- Horticulturist Robert Fernandes
Topic- To the road less traveled
Talk 8- Design thinker S. Balaram
Topic- The Indian Design Story
Talk 9- IAS Officer Jayesh Ranjan
Topic- Community Empowerment through social mobilization
Talk 10- Actor/Artist Kamal Kamaraju
Topic- An actor with a difference
Talk 11- Adventure Specialist Diyanat Ali
Topic- Adventure with Nature
Talk 12- Environmentalist Dr. Chandrashekhar Hariharan
Topic- Don’t just Go Green, DO Green
Talk 13- Advertising guru Ravi Deshpande
Topic- Grow Young
Talk 14- Fitness Expert Dinaz Vervatwala
Topic- Mind over Matter
Talk 15- Author Porus Munshi
Topic- Re-designing Life

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