memory of a day

Our day began with quiet a start, as usual, i entered late for the class..but never the less, today was a happy day, our co-ordinator had returned from Tokya, after completing a 2 week course from AOTS, (The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship,
She had called all of us to share our experiences from The land of the rising sun. We saw pictures of Shinkansen, people walking in all different directions, heard about quiet subways,because people do not talk to each other, and prefer remaining glued to their mobiles/games. Heard about 2 bangladeshis on a clicking spree! Our conversation was dotted by liquor chocolates, and later all of us got a souvenir in the form of lovely chopsticks!

The chopstick that i have got, is a quadrangle that tapers down to a cylinder, with circular texture at the bottom end.

On the upper broader side, there is a sticker print of a Japanese lady dressed in traditional red kimono

the chopsticks were carefully wrapped in a wrapping paper with an interesting graphic on it! Now i will have to go look for a chinese restaurant in the heart of Gujju land, to experiment with these chopsticks..or on the other hand..i may be scared to use them, for the fear of spoiling them!
well, in this case the form( read memory/attachment) has overcome function!

The rest of the day went in creating frames for NTADBM submission. It was a challenge for me to create vector files of a walking man, who later had to bend to pick up a leaf ( our logo)…

after a long and tiring day, i went to sood’s room to say hi, and found the most interesting and awesome coin collector, made out of leather. She has this little corner created that has a limca lying there since eternity… ( she falsely claims 2 months though), also tucked neatly are some pictures of her mommy, a ceramic tortoice, clay sheep and another tortoise…and a stone rescued from Kutch that looks like ahem… a woman thing!

so, well, thats how the day has gone, and now i retire to do my laundry!


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