Our first class in Observational behavioural was an interesting class. After brainstorming on what OB means, we jotted down a few points, such as-
a. Understanding psychology of a group of people
b. Individuals/ groups/ team
c. Task oriented activities
d. Human resource management
e. Incentives

After brainstorming, we were given an exercise called the ” Stimulation exercise”. The objective of this exercise was to make us work as an organization and interact with complex internal and external factors. In this case, our class of 14 was divided into two organizations( 2 boys and 2 girls), two buyers, one supplier of raw material, one banker and one lawyer.

I was a part of an organization called “Jahaaj Enterprise”, that makes ships. Our brief was that we are a start up with an initial investment of 10 units. While we were discussing what our company ideology should be, when we were bombarded with a buyers demand. From that moment onwards, we became consumed in supplying according to our buyer, forgetting our company ideology. In order to meet our order, we had to purchase raw material from a shrewd supplier, who had a monopoly. Meanwhile, while we were still taking a brief, another buyer approached us, but was not satisfied with our design.

The entire exercise included, division of labour, negotiating with supplier/ buyer, taking loans from bank, sampling of boats in various designs/ sizes, manufacturing boats for an order, dealing with law & order issues, calculating profit and loss.
Though the scale of the organization was very less, this activity helped us realize many factors affecting the markets in real life scenario.
The multiple layers of complexity involved and how people in an organization react to different situations.
Overall I enjoyed the exercise, and look forward to learning through such workshops


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