to my father: Happy Father’s Day

When i was a little girl, i used to write letters to my father, regularly! i used to trace roses at the bottom of the writing pad, or sometime make doodles of our family. If i was upset with my mother, i would make a sad face, or rather had i got a beating from mom, i would make the “torture object”… often i used to make doodles of our dogs, and interspersed in all these doodles used to be little snippets of broken English sentences, that improved ever so slightly over the years… and gradually this tradition faded off! another reason can also be, that during the later part of our lives, and as my father’s seniority grew, he started getting more peace postings. Even during that time, i have memories of writing letters to my father.

Sometimes when papa, would scold me for some reason, i would sulk, then later if i had to apologize , i would leave a letter , squeezed between his files, or under his pillow, with doodles ofcourse!:)

But what i didn’t expect, and i came across was the fact that he had too, kept all my letters, squeezed in a file, intact, and sometimes, when he misses me, he opens his file and reads my letters, laughing at my silly stories, pointing at my spelling mistakes ( there was no spell check then), tracing my hand writing…

So this Father’s day, i thought i would atleast try reviving that long lost tradition, and pen down a few memories.

To my dearest papa, i know this is a day late, but just to tell you that i love you, and everyday with you is extremely special to me!

Happy Father’s Day


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