Jayesh Ranjan:

In our search for a good venue, we came across Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary of Department of Tourism, Govt. Andhra Pradesh. Before entering his office, i had a mental image in my mind of a bureaucratic officer, whose desk would be full of files, an archaic computer lying unused, loads of unnecessary procedures, babus and their babudums! But i was sure in for a surpirse when i actually walked into his office. Mr. Ranjan, sure did have loads of files around him, but we also saw piles of books on tourism, maps of AP, architectural documents, History journals and a sleek iPAD, and an updated sleek PC, while he was connecting with people of the FB!

Nor did he just settle our queries in an instant, but his quick and efficient transaction of work totally left me impressed! Mr. Ranjan, spoke with true passion about his vision of making Hyderabad people aware about the Deccan culture. He was totally convinced by our idea of adding a deccan flavor to TEDx Deccan, and also suggested us to organize the event at the back drop of TARAMATI BARADARI!

there is an interesting article about Mr. Ranjan,

Other than that, Mr. Ranjan has also graciously agreed to be a speaker on TEDx Deccan and shall talk about alleviation of poverty!


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