In conversation with SUZY!

suzy and me-- photo courtesy Arvind Dutta


We finally got the opportunity to meet up with the dazzling Sujata aka Suzy at the Lifestyle mall, Hyderabad. Suzy spoke about her orphanage that she has been running for two and half years now. The orphange houses 12 kids, funds their education, while providing a shelter. She started with 4 kids and have extended her family to 12.
Suzy’s mom looks after the kids, cooks food, and takes care of them. While Sujata creates awareness about the orphanage.
Sujata is a paraplegic since the last 10 years.

So have you thought about the content for your TEDtalk?

Honestly no, but I am thinking I can talk about what kind of attitude should people have while they face problems. How people crib about small problems and make their lives even more miserable.

Maybe you can share how you re-learnt living life!?

Yes, after the accident I learnt to brush again, write, get up , sitting, crawling, everything

When did the realization of excelling yourself come to you?
I was always passionate about life but the patience of taking the pain, improved after the accident. I became much more sensitive towards things around fact, It took 4 long years for me to practise sitting like this( in a wheelchair)

When did you meet with the accident?
10 years ago, when I was 21 years old.
How did it happen?
It was a car accident, my driver was driving when a lorry came and hit us. I was sitting in the back seat.
Where you wearing a seat belt at the back seat?
Back seat? Is there a seat belt at the back seat?? Not all cars have it.
Here arvind gets into an argument as to how his vintage Maruti has a seat belt at the back seat, which is so not true! ;D

Did it hinder your education meeting with an accident at a young age of 21 yrs?
Yes. I was already into business, planning for going for further studies to US, my life was at its peak time. Life was happening, when I met with the accident! After my intermediate, I learnt photography from a professional photographer. So I wanted to pursue my graduation in photography for which I wanted to go the US. All papers were done..when…

Why photography?
I was always a different person, wanted to do something exclusive and not a 9-5 job. I came across a photographer, and I learnt a lot from him, thus wanting to pursue further.

Why not pursue photography now?
I cannot hold the camera. When i met with the accident, I was bedded for a year, dealing with the health problems, I had a lot on my mind. It took me a lot of time to learn how to hold things. I cannot hold heavy things now. Hence can’t do photography.

How did textile business happen?
Just after a year of my accident I had got into textile business. My family was into it before, and I wanted to be independent as soon as possible. In fact, soon I had started supporting myself financially too. I paid for my own medical expenses. After my accident, in 6 months time I came to know that I could never walk in my life again, and since then I started thinking how to make myself financially independent. Then textile business came. We started with 2-3 people. Now I outsource this business.

How did stock market happen?( Suzy is the top stock broker , who deals in stock market worth Rs.300 cr )
I was always craving to be more and more independent. Even in textile I was dependent on my workers, whereas I wanted to be totally self-dependent. Hence stock broking. I learnt through following  CNBC, NDTV profit , and such news channels. Kept myself updated on Economic Times, etc. If people read, such mediums really help.

At this moment, Arvind shares some share market experience regarding his falling Reliance, end result, don’t take free-friends advice!

How did the show ” talk with suzy” ( Tv9) happen?
In this process, a lot of websites wrote about me. I started an organization for the paraplegic on how to deal with problems being on the Bed. How to deal with UT infections, bed sores, a lot of people die because of bed-sores. I have Been on the bed for 10 yrs and yet not developed a single bed sore. One also has to be Very careful about what you wear, what shoes you wear so that it does not harm our skin.
I Re-discovered everything about my own body. I never read anything ,infact learnt through observing my own body. I tried everything on myself. Now I know what food suites me, my diet, not scientifically though but through understanding and experimenting on myself.
I know How to control my weight.
People wrote about me, and presented me with some awards. In an award function I met CEO Tv9, Mr. Ravi Prakash, that is where he gave an idea of having a show, with me.

How did you overcome mental pain?
From the day one I was balanced, this is because I am always a positive person. Initially, when I met with an accident, I was busy knowing more about myself, how to be independent. In that I never had the time of looking back and cry about myself. I Never also kept myself busy just to over-come my pain. It just came naturally to me. Everything is in our hands, how to shape our life.

Wondering how to make your message more powerful?
What are the 3 things that you can share with world- particularly to people who have some kind of limitation in their life?
1. life and death , and accidents are not in our hands. I met with an accident, I couldn’t help it, It wasn’t my mistake, maybe it was destiny! But whatever it is, we have to live, we should live with dignity and we should be happy! Live life happily. You are going to die one day, can you change that? No, then why cry about it?
2. Hard work always pays. Without any planning/ expectations one should keep working hard. Before my accident, I was very conscious about my looks coz I used to work with a lot of models. I used to work out, go gym-ing, maintain my outlook. But after my accident, it became limiting, very difficult. Yet I made an effort of maintaining myself, why I was doing it? I don’t know! I had no inspiration. For example (to me) you are like this, maybe you are not inspired, but when you have to get married you will be inspired to lose weight, your parents will push you, I have seen many people like that, but for me, I have no inspiration, yet at every point I inspired myself and maintain myself. Can u believe that for the last 10 years, my jeans size has remained the same. I wasn’t doing it to become a heroine or an anchor, It was sheer hard work, but after 10 yrs it paid off. When Ravi Prakash saw me, he offered me to be an anchor of a show.
3. Attitude of dignity and constant urge of being independent. One should also have an attitude, to live life with dignity.

…these were some experts from our meeting… how ironical life is, just when we start thinking how difficult it is to live, God sends us narrations of more inspiring stories!


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