TED, a learning everyday

what makes listening to TED so interesting? What makes you forget how those 18 minutes disappear in no time? what makes the videos inspiring, fascinating, courageous? Is it just talking about new technologies, or talking about things that we have not seen or heard about before? if that is the case, then why do magazines on similar topics do not engross our distracted minds? Why do educational TV programs look so boring?

There must be something different in these videos, speakers, images, performances. Recently I have been going through many TEDtalks, and i noticed that most of the speakers, do not come with images, but a handful of notes. These speakers are such great story tellers that they can paint your 18 minutes, as if they are watching a movie and you have just accompanied them for it. Not only do they add HUMOR, in their style of speaking, but their entire talk is based on personal experiences.

In fact, TED gives very clear guidelines to its speakers that they cannot do any company of self branding through TED. So when speakers have to chose a topic, it has to be in a narrative, single point form of speaking.

There is a speaker in each one of us, but how do we become from speakers, to good speakers to GREAT SPEAKERS. what qualities do GREAT SPEAKERS have? to be able to connect with the audience instantaneously, humor, emotional connect, perfect diction, great story telling, a shot of vodka before the conference…can be just a few!

Jokes apart, while on the selection process for speakers for Tedx Deccan, our major challenge will be to differentiate between the good and the great. We have speakers coming to talk on different subjects. These are – Education, Media, Sports, Music, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship.
Our theme for the event is ” BEAUTIFUL IDEAS”. Having said that, the theme does not end there, we need to dig out speakers who have genuinely been able to inculcate beautiful ideas in to their experiences. For example- Education on Beautiful Ideas, can be someone talking about the idea of teaching through Microsoft’s Cloud.

Educating through Music, an initiative by Musicbasti.org (http://www.musicbasti.org/)

Music Basti’s mission is to strengthen the voices of children, while raising awareness also on social global causes such as control and management of natural resources, food sufficiency, gender equity, sustainable environment, health and education. Our vision is to establish and strengthen an egalitarian socio- economic order based on the democratic values of equality, sharing, cooperation and common good.


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