trip to heaven and stuck ~

my semester at NID was over, i had successfully completed one year and had come home for 2 months holiday, when Roli and Sood ( my batch mates) started seeding the idea to make a trip to Leh during out vacations! Jobless as we were, i requested dad to organize the trip for us via army, to which he gladly agreed. I pooled in a few more friends, Nancy, Arvind and Ranjan, all decided to be a part of our one helluva trip to the beautiful Himalayas..

Now that i recall of it, the entire trip was one helluva journey and thus i am obliged to pen it down!
Gung ho, and prepared to fight the toughest winters that the mountains would throw at us, we were packed on the day of 24th April 2011, on our way to catch the Kingfisher flight at 0520 in the morning! flushed and laded with winter clothes we reached the counter well in time only to keep waiting for almost half an hour, when finally a ground staff from Kingfisher decided to make an announcement to for all the people traveling to Leh ( IXL) to come forward and hurry with their tickets.
Armed with Boarding Passes, and excited faces, we crossed the checking , where i sadly lost my fake-swiss-knife to the security! :(…
“i think we were running late”, or so one amongst us remarked, and we were new to the T3 Terminal. neither did we expect that the check-in was another half an hour walk.

Thanks to Arvind, who spotted a cart carrying two women, we deicded to fit into it, Ranjan who got left as there was no space, decided to walk/run the distance..and, once settled, our cart began to move! the site was worth watching, all of us sat expecting the cart to zoom by and make us reach within seconds, but the cart moved at snail speed literally… soon we could see Ranjan getting farther and farther away! Laughing our hearts out at our stupidity, we started running the marathon to the boarding counter! Huffing and Puffing, we managed just in time to catch our flights.

thank god we did!

by 0830 hrs, the 24th our flight had landed, and the door of the flight opened to a windy 10 degrees Celsius. Finally we were welcomed to Leh.
Soon, we headed to 246 Transit Camp, where our stay was organized, had a breakfast of bread and cornflakes, and packed off to sleep in our rooms!
we were told to acclimatize ourselves to the high altitude climate and had a light schedule of just familarizing ourselves to the markets of Leh.

We left on that quest in the afternoon, first exploring the market and coming across women dressed in ladakhi tradionals

Coming to Leh, during off season, we definitly stood out of the crowd!
we also found a small gurudwara in the streets of leh, lost in between the tibetian monasteries..

we must have grazed through the markets, emptying our pockets to turquoise studded and dried apples ( courtesy roli). at around 4 we headed off to see the Leh palace, which is near the market.
The palace is mostly an empty building which is situated at the top of an adjacent hill. You can either trek or drive till the palace. Entry ticket to the palace is Rs. 5, per person, and other than other things, it offers you immense peace and an excellent view for random photography, giving an insight into the architectural style. One can also offer prayers in a temple inside the Palace.

Have a look at what we did!

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2 responses to “trip to heaven and stuck ~

  1. i think i saw that lady of the old market… she sells vegetables and traditional shoes… right??

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