the Chandigarh trail

During my term break from NID, i decided to visit my grandparents, who are settled in Chandigarh. So to say, i have been visiting India’s only planned city from my childhood, but i had never visited before the iconic buildings of the union territories!

So this time, thanks to my friend Aanchal Sood, and her cousin’s scooty, we decided to make some rounds of buildings designed by Le Corbusier! Our 1st halt was the College of Arts, phase 10! the 1st glimpse to this building, was a quaint low building , reddened by bricks, hidden in the mist and bushes, which would glimpse at you as you passed by on the ” gairhi route”!
I think i should pause here first and explain what a gairhi route is! Gairhi route is for everyone, whether young or old, man or woman,rich or poor, fashionable or simple! and if you are a chandigarh ka munda or kudi, you would know this route by heart! after all, it is the route taken by all young men and women to check out each other on their scooties ( if they are girls) and boolets ( if they are guys)! Sometimes you may get chased on this route, mostly oogled at, if you are lucky proposed, certainly hooted at! and so it also happened in our case that the ” College of Arts” fell comfortably in the ” gairhi route”!

this picture above is taken, as and when we entered the main entrance! the entrance to the college is framed with statues made in marble and stone, standing remarkably with graying trees! we also saw some students huddled in the shade, painting landscapes. as you go further into the campus, you are met with a round auditorium , which luckily for us was exhibiting photographs clicked by Robert A Schaefer Jr ( . Moving on from the exhibition we moved on the interiors of the campus that has an open space flanked by a fountain in the center and a lot of open seating around it!

uploading a few more pictures of the area.


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