day 1: orientation

we reached, and recognized familiar faces, and immidiately formed groups, deciding to hang out together, watch movies, which we did , called ” rajneeti”, paying a ticket of rs 80, and getting an off rs 30 on eateries! so psyched were we, that we were reasy to watch the movie thrice! darn! cudnt get the delhitite out so soon! could we?

anyways… this is not about the previous day… its about the DAY ONE!

that sacred charm has been whispered, and we have been bewitched, surrounded by the ever charged environement, there was nothing else that we could do, except let our hearts fill with pride and responsibilty, and hear thumps of excitement beat as the Director (pradyumna vyas), projected out of the broadcast, told us the secret words…

we are no more humans, we have become NIDians.

i feel like a small molecule, about to be bombarded with highly charged nuclear reactor, only in this case, it will be a creative reactor! and suddenly even two years seems less!

so we were told that we happened to be fortunate to turn up this year at NID, since it is planning to celebrate its 50 th golden jubilee year. We shall turn a mature fifty on the 3rd november 2010!

other than that, there were usual names of Charles & Ray Eames mentioned, Le Corbuiser, Nehru, some student who is doing real cool stuff at the incubators, and another who happened to design 50th year commemorative stamps for NID!

so it is indeed a happening world out here!

and boy havnt we had a day today. As a part of self discpline routine, i had decided to get up in the morning to go for a run at an early six ‘o clock! i hear the alarm at 2 minutes to six, and decided to sleep it off! but soon i felt my mom tugging at me, she was asking me to get up! one tug, and i said something, a minute later came another tug at the same place. I mumbled something angrily again to mom to buzz off! didnt help coz pat came another tug… this must have happened 2 times more! coz, finally i think i must have really uttered an edible voice, and the tug doubled!

just then i opened my eyes! and realized i wasnt home anymore, and there wasnt my mother tugging to wake me…. but a grass hopper, that immidiately got off, and landed next to the pillow! grinning at me, maybe,said “gotcha! woke u up! “, having said that it just buzzed off!

well thanks to the hopper, i did manage to get that run!

then came the orientation time, where we were introduced to all the faculty members at gandhinagar! we also had a chat with our course facilty, and introduced ourselves to them. we are a batch of 15 students, coming from different disciplines. it will be fun to see what we can do of our selves.

the rest of the just slipped by. the only other highlight, was the board game party at room no- 409! we played a game of boxers or briefs till some time ago and then finally departed off to sleep, in our respective rooms!

so, more or less account of day 1!

PS- no pictures clicked today


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