fighting with paper

of late I have developed a new past time…fighting with paper!

to begin with it wasn’t easy you know, I always had something interesting to pen down, or sketch, or make, or cut, or paste.But off late these lines have started acting weird, they edged me to make a box around them, and in that box are my dead confined thought! no matter how hard I stare, scratch or tear, the paper doesn’t budge! stubbornly and defiantly, it fights right back!

the fights usually begins with a few scratches and wounds, it is the beginnings where usually i am over powering, while whiny-flimsy paper is oozing with ink spots, and pen scratched marks, some threatening pencil jabs and if it is lucky then covered in colorful blues!

but if my weapons are made of wood and steel, the paper is no less!

boasting of special German-made indestructible paper, and razor-sharp lines printed from japan’s deadliest and poisonous inks, it then meticulously launches its trap…slowly and surely, i can feel the lines crawling on my hands, they create horror images in front of my lines, and, before you know it, they start growing right out of the paper! bigger and thicker and longer, swallowing the wounds you had inflicted on the paper in its blackness
like the tanticles of an octopus, they tie me up, squeezing thoughts out of my mind. i tear off the paper from its bind, attempting to kill it, but even that doesn’t work, cause these crumpled bastards pounce right back! and with triple the force and magnitude!

and by the end of it, it is I, who ends up sitting in a pool of paper cannon balls, defeated and drained, both mentally and creatively!


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