bummer @ office

its 2:47 in the afternoon by the clock, and work is procrastinating, i am in desperate need of coffee and a good idea, or any work related to creativity! stuck in a basement, have been left to work on slow laptop , ( but that’s okay, at least it meets my requirement), but the worst is yet to come, left to work on a list of excel sheets, making calls and asking random organizers of exhibition, whether they can share their client list!

absolutely bumming!

so much so that i have started hating the word ” exhibition design”. hell i hate structures, i hate the cheap material they use, i hate the only requirement of branding, and i hate the entire temporariness of it! i hate that people just come, loiter and disappear, seldom appreciating the thought behind the stall! and lo and behold! the company that i work in now, doesn’t even bother in putting a concept behind a stall design. there is no thought process of what the space should say. designs are just made on vague terms like ” corporate looking”, “funky looking”, ” colorful”, ” hi- tech”…

no one talks about communication through space, creating an impact through elements. where is design even involved in it???

Exhibition in India is an all an all commercial activity, people do not, neither do they feel the need to invest in design. their marketing strategy is like – sales man strategy! ” i have got space, now let me cram it up with my products, highlight my label, and catch as many eyeballs as possible”. They do not feel the need to create an interesting space, one that provokes a customer to walk in, or explore! one that holds attention and retains an image in the memory, no memoirs are sent..

its plain and simple, commerce!

and i seem to be inkling away even from the thought of it.


One response to “bummer @ office

  1. lol!! hard facts, seeped in pretty early ..admirable.
    But acceptance of this and acclimatisation to these will take a lot of time .. and you re off already …

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