Greendear: an introduction

in a system, being defined over ages, of habitat, culture, profession, life cycle, we often come across various complications! we are continuously being bombarded with questions relating to  environment, health, inflation, entertainment! and one really wonders as to how to transit from being a spectator to an active participator!

As a designer, personally i have been exposed to parameters of good design, being design that actually helps people, either by providing service that makes their lives better, simple, easier, or one that merges craft and creates livelihood, or of extreme aesthetic sense, and soon, a new culture of environmental issues. the later is the one that intrests me, of how to bring a green change! be it through service, or products, or technologies, anything that helps reducing the ecological implications, is what US at green dear believe in.

in our efforts to going green, we hope to impliment other natural processes, and old traditions or collaborate with self help groups, merged with creative ideas, so that we can form our own design chain!

We, hope that your suggestions and inputs take our little venture through!



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