Studio tests @ NID

the day began with strong cup at the khopcha and an anxious breafast at the mess! we quickly moved to the activity block where our studio tests were being conducted. The tests were divided into three basic questions. In the 1st set we were given 3 pages , which had 4 boxes made on each page. The boxes had random lines made in the boxes, and we were asked to make composition in those boxes.  we could make the composition in any order, but we were asked to make add caption to each picture. we had 45 mins to complete this activity

the 2nd set had a question in which were supposed to choose any product from an average indian home, used between 0600- 0730 hrs. we were asked to redesign the product for kids starting 3-12 years. we showed our ideas using sketches and models made of clay! we had 30 minutes to complete the activity

the 3rd test was a group activity, where in we were supposed to redesign wristwatch based on the target customers given in the question paper. we were divided as 5 team members, and were supposed to design advertisement for print and TV, and make a marketing strategy for the same. we are asked to present the media advt in a skit of 3 minutes.

i think the parameters for selection was how one acts in a group structure!


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